Room and building acoustics

It’s only when it’s quiet that you realise how many sounds you hear in a day.

Birds singing, colleagues typing on their keyboards or your own breathing. Not to mention ventilation systems, echoes in a meeting room or traffic speeding past outside. Sometimes you’re unaware of what you hear. That’s perfectly normal. Too much bothersome noise in a building can disrupt a balanced living environment and must be controlled. Our unique solutions can help you achieve noise comfort.

Unique solutions for unique situations

Are you starting a restaurant in a former factory hall and want to improve the acoustics or the sound insulation? Or are you building an apartment complex next to a railway line and want to avoid noise misery? Every challenge to control decibels is welcome. For every unique situation, we create a specific acoustic solution that solves or prevents the problem. Do you want a sound-proof door that is also resistant to fire, gas and water? Or do you want to eliminate echo in a living or working area? Take a look at the ways in which we can help you.

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