Acoustic doors

Prevent noise leakage in casing and walls with sound-insulating doors

More often than not, casing and acoustic screens need to be fitted with a door. Just think of maintenance work that needs to be carried out, for example. For emergency situations, they are an absolute must. Here at Merford, we are also specialists in producing sound-insulating doors, including doors with fire-resistant and burglary-resistant properties. This means we can provide you with a comprehensive sound solution.

Sound-insulating doors for construction, industry and infrastructure

Merford is an experienced partner in the field of noise control. We are also experts in manufacturing doors with special features, such as sound-insulating doors. We can supply high-quality sound-insulating doors, made exactly the way you want. Do you need a door with a ventilation grill? Or does it have to have fire-resistant properties? No problem. Together, we will find the right door for your situation.

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