Industrial sector

Our solutions for noise control and doors ensure a safe workplace

Industrial processes sometimes involve safety risks – which aren’t always obvious straight away. Even low levels of noise pollution can lead to health problems. Merford offers effective solutions for industry. We make machines quieter, create comfortable room acoustics and supply doors with special safety features.

Commit to improving industrial safety

The industrial sector is a dynamic sector. Laws and regulations force manufacturers to adopt increasingly cleaner work methods and better working conditions. Alongside this, the competition is not standing still and efficiency is an absolute must. Given all these factors, it makes sense for you as a representative of an industrial company to engage the services of external experts in the field of safety. We at Merford will gladly help you to improve your processes.

The solutions

A safe working environment starts with Merford. We always pay careful attention to detail and the client’s wishes when designing noise-insulating housings and other turnkey solutions for noise control. For example, for the food industry we ensure that our solutions are easy to clean. In the testing industry we not only supply solutions designed to control sound, also to control its quality. Our doors can be manufactured with various properties, for example we have fire-resistant doors and ATEX doors. You can even choose a combination of properties. This means that we have a door for every industrial process – whether that’s from our standard range or a customised solution.