Here at Merford, we have several certified solutions for ensuring safe escape routes and reducing noise pollution.

Road traffic is noisy. Sometimes, that noise stays at an acceptable level – but in other cases, it goes above and beyond. We have a number of solutions for these types of situations, all of which are tailored to the specific problem. Another important factor on and near roads is safety. It is reassuring to know that, when you’re driving through a tunnel, it always meets the highest safety requirements, so that the escape doors don’t pose an obstacle in an emergency situation. Here, too, Merford can help.

Emergency? Safety assured

In areas where people live, work and enjoy their free time, there are limits on road traffic noise levels. If these limits are exceeded, noise emissions can start to have an effect on people’s health in the surrounding area. We have solutions for both the source and the receiver, eliminating the actual nuisance. We also supply certified emergency-exit doors that meet the strict requirements of the RWS curve (the curve used by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). These requirements, which are much stricter than NEN standards, stipulate that emergency-exit doors must be able to withstand rapid temperature rises. In addition, the doors must be able to withstand a temperature of 1350 degrees for at least 120 minutes.

The solutions

Traffic noise must not affect the living standards of people living nearby. We have been able to solve a variety of noise problems by finding appropriate solutions, for example by installing a noise barrier or a crash barrier. Or by insulating a building or house located close to the road. Merford emergency-exit doors can also be installed in a number of different installation situations – always configured to the customer’s specific requirements, whether it’s a hinged door or a sliding door. Besides tunnels, these doors are also used in multi-storey car parks or in noise barriers.