Power OEM and grid partners

Solutions for low frequency noise of transformer and reactors.

Manufacturers of power transformers and reactors, but also project organisations that realise complete transformer stations, find a reliable partner in Merford. The requirements that clients demand for maximum noise levels of transformers and reactors are becoming more stringent. There is a clear trend for low-noise solutions for low-frequency noise.

Continuous attention for acoustics pays off

By co-designing with the OEM in the tender phase and then in the design phase, Merford can help the OEM to achieve the warranty levels. Through interfacing and review meetings Merford often supports the 3D design phase of the OEM. The end customer's philosophy of use is key for the determination of accessibility provisions. Over the years, Merford has built up extensive experience in the 100Hz range. This has resulted in proven concepts that vary from integrated panels, wall systems, (coupled) enclosures to box-in-box solutions. With this, up to approx. 30 dB reduction in the low frequencies can be achieved.

What precedes the best solution?

Merford provides engineering, acoustical and ventilation design, production of panels, hatches and doors, steel constructions and takes care of the FAT assembly / disassembly and, if desired, can take care of the assembly on site with a supervisor or a crew. The acquired sound data is jointly analyzed and linked into the acoustic calculation models. This results in a continuous optimisation of the solutions. In addition, Merford has developed a range of innovative components with the Noise Trap system that can be used to take the next step in effectively combating low-frequency noise.