Our unique solutions control the noise produced by trains, trams and metros.

Rail traffic generates a considerable amount of noise. Railway tracks often run alongside residential, work and recreational areas and, unfortunately, this train noise is often a nuisance to people in those areas. Merford has a wide range of solutions to tackle these noise problems.

Prevent health problems as a result of rail traffic noises

In areas where people live, work and enjoy their free time, there are limits on noise levels. If these limits are exceeded by rail traffic, noise emissions can start to become a nuisance for people in the surrounding area. For example, it can lead to increased stress levels and ultimately have a negative impact on people’s health. Thanks to our effective solutions, we can help prevent this.

The solutions

Undesirable rail noise must not affect the living standards of people living in the vicinity of railway tracks and stations. Here at Merford, we have already been able to make a real difference in a number of situations; for example, by installing noise barriers and sound-insulating panels at stations. Such problems can also be effectively solved by making adjustments to a building or home located close to a station or railway track, on the receiver’s side.