Power transmission

Innovative solutions in decentralised power networks.

Energy generation and distribution is often accompanied by the creation of low-frequency noise. Merford offers a wide range of solutions to minimise noise effectively.

Decentralisation of power means more distribution and transmission

In power networks, the double mains frequency produces noise nuisance in the 100Hz and the higher harmonics thereof. Network operators are responsible for a reliable power supply. With the trend to generate energy in a more sustainable way (energy transition), an enormous change is currently taking place in the global power networks. Where in the past, central generation and distribution were used in large power plants, now decentralized generation takes place on land and at sea, including. sun, wind, CHP and biomass. The generated power must be integrated into the existing networks. To this end, a lot of renewal and expansion of the transmission (long distances) and distribution (distribution to users) networks takes place. For grid stability and reliability, the power networks require power transformers and reactors. Important links, but these sources often produce low-frequency noise. With the high demands on people's living and working environment, it is necessary to limit the noise level from these sources as much as possible.

Creating silence, in close consultation

Merford supplies engineered solutions for TSO's and DSO's. Whether it concerns an existing transformer station where a new residential area is planned next to it, a trade connection between 2 countries or the land connection of a wind farm at sea, we are making it quiet. This starts with a thorough acoustic and technical analysis, after which creative, but above all suitable solutions are realized in close consultation with the client. This can be done with noise barriers, housings, dampers and / or absorbing elements. Merford provides solutions in which the requirements of the client and user are central. In addition to combating noise, a lot of attention is also paid to user-friendliness. Accessibility, safety, dismountability and the use of sustainable materials in the solutions are key.