Leisure and sport

We offer sound solutions for hospitality venues, sports facilities and cultural and public buildings

Things can get very lively at venues where people come together to enjoy recreational activities, sports and music. The acoustics play an important role in this; the music has to sound good, for example, and people in vicinity should experience as little disturbance as possible. Merford is here to help.

Enjoy a room for the purpose it was designed, without noise pollution or poor acoustics.

The acoustics in a room have to be in perfect balance – whether people are chatting to each other or enjoying the music. Music shouldn’t drown out the conversation. The music should – if possible – stay in the same room as the source. The Dutch Activities Decree (Activiteitenbesluit) sets out rules for companies and institutions to keep noise pollution in the surrounding area to a minimum. No two catering facilities are the same – just think about all the different functions, locations and sizes. This means customised solutions are the key. We have the right sound solution for every conceivable situation.

The solutions

Is your company or institution struggling with an acoustic or noise problem? We are here to help. We start by assessing your particular situation, after which we walk you through the various measures that can help you achieve the desired result. Sometimes we might need to call in an external party to carry out an in-depth acoustic investigation. Even if that’s the case, we will still provide you with an effective solution. From sound-insulating doors to complete box-in-box constructions, from standard sound-absorbing panels to customised aesthetic solutions. Any questions? Get in touch for tailor-made advice.