Acoustic studios

Do you want a sound-proof room where you can work in silence, or make a noise without disturbing anyone else?

We can help you design and build your own acoustic studio. These rooms are suitable for residential properties, offices, professional practices, shops or other locations. Whatever you need, we will be happy to create the right solution with you.

The modular, sound-proof
room from Studiobricks

If you’d rather have an acoustic studio that you build, disassemble and store yourself, we recommend the Studiobricks sound-insulating and absorbing system. You assemble the modular elements as you wish and create your own unique soundproof room. Studiobricks can be used for a recording studio or for a quiet room in educational institutes, offices or hospitals. There are a wide range of variants so you can create an acoustic studio that fits with your interior.

The Merford structural
acoustic studio

You build your acoustic studio to your specifications using the acoustic materials in our range. There are no limitations on the shape or dimensions. To achieve the required sound-proofing, it is important to build the floor, walls, access door, ventilation system and ceiling in the right way. We will be happy to discuss the possible options with you. If you decide to use a contractor for the building, we will be happy to advise you so that you can get started on the work.

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