We look beyond our current expertise.

Here at Merford, we know as well as anyone else that you should never settle for the status quo. Those who really want to develop have to be open to the unknown. Which is why we are committed to improving our products, processes and methods.

We can help you reduce unwanted noise using modern technology

Got a noise problem? We’re here to help. We start by researching and analysing your problem, so that you get a solution that is just right for your situation. To identify and assess the noise problem, our acoustics experts use modern measuring equipment – such as an acoustic camera, which is used to localise a sound. And in our in-house measuring lab, we carry out insulation and reverberation measurements.

Ground-breaking acoustic research

UK-based company Sonobex has been part of the Merford Group since 2017. Sonobex is a spin out from Loughborough University. Its pioneering NoiseTrap technology has made the impossible possible: combining superior sound-reduction with natural ventilation. Several products have been developed using this technology for a wide range of industrial applications.

Contemporary solutions for low frequency noise

Within the Sonobex Noise Trap series, various techniques have been developed that tackle low-frequency sound in an innovative way. For example, the NoiseTrap® Blox made of plastic has a significantly better noise-reducing performance in the low-frequency range (50-2500 Hz) than traditional grilles.

Innovative special doors

Our doors, grills and other cladding units add the finishing touch to every façade. We offer a wide range of aesthetic and functional solutions. And if a ready-made solution isn’t available yet, we pull out all the stops to convert your wishes into a product that meets all your expectations. For example, we developed a measuring instrument to efficiently test the operation of sliding doors – incredibly useful for tunnel doors along a busy motorway. We are also working on an aluminium grill with a free passage of 55%, which is unique for this product group.