Non-residential buildings

Merford offers solutions for noise problems and unsafe situations for buildings with a utility function.

The diverse use of real estate often presents a wide range of challenges when it comes to noise control. Here at Merford, we have unique safety and sound solutions for both new buildings and buildings undergoing redevelopment.

Customised solutions to ensure health and safety in every building

When buildings are re-purposed, the acoustics often do not match their new use. Sometimes all that is required is a minor modification. Another challenge inherent in renovations is the layout of the new technical areas. Doors to these noisy rooms have to be sound-proof, as well as fire-resistant, for example. Cooling units on the roof must not create noise nuisance for the surrounding neighbourhood, and the arrival of a gym in the building should not cause any vibrations in the office above. Our experts are here to help you with professional advice and a made-to-measure solution.

The solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for non-residential buildings – from systems and materials to improve the acoustics in a room and reduce noise pollution between spaces to fire-resistant and burglar-proof doors. By combining these solutions, you can improve the level of acoustics and safety of your building to an acceptable level. Any questions? Feel free to get in touch.