Power generation

More energy consumption demands smart solutions. Also for the inevitable noise pollution from energy generation.

There is an ever-increasing need for electrical energy. Energy that is demanded and generated in the vicinity of the users. Not only in horticulture, but also in urban areas. Suitable solutions are needed.

More power generation. More urbanization. More noise.

Generation of that energy is often accompanied by an undesirable high production of noise and heat. Think of CHP installations, generator sets and steam turbines. The basics of damping the produced noise is not that complex.. A simple, sound-insulating enclosure can do the job. The detail and complexity is in creating a functional solution

Standard where possible and customized where necessary

A well-designed ventilation system is required to dissipate unwanted heat without harming the noise requirements. In addition, good accessibility of the enclosure is a requirement in connection with service-friendliness. Merford, as a specialist, is able to devise, produce and build sustainable and fit for purpose solutions in consultation with our clients, after which these installations can operate silently for decades.