Want to improve the acoustics in a room? Discover Merford’s many acoustic solutions.

When designing or furnishing a room, people often forget about the acoustics. Yet the acoustics can have a huge impact on the level of comfort experienced by users. Hard materials, for example, can create disturbing resonance. Our wide range of sound-absorbing materials, tailored to match the character of the room, help to solve this problem.

Good acoustics for a pleasant indoor climate

When it comes to having a comfortable environment, people often first think of the furnishings, light and aesthetics. Only once the space has been fitted up do we realise that the acoustic environment is just as important. Traditional ceiling and wall finishings are increasingly replaced by hard materials, such as concrete, glass and steel. This can lead to excessive reverberation. Floors, walls and ceilings without sufficient sound insulation also contribute towards an unpleasant acoustic environment.

The solutions

Here at Merford, we can immediately supply you with the products you need from our extensive inventory of sound-absorbent and insulating materials. If possible, we will measure and assess the situation on-site to propose an appropriate solution. Not only the sound aspect is of importance: the design, small environmental impact, long lifespan and fire safety also play a role. Need a customised solution? No problem. Our acoustic materials can be cut into any shape you need.