Product manufacturers and suppliers

Acoustic product improvement for manufacturers and suppliers in the equipment and mechanical engineering industry

Equipment and machines emit sound – there’s no getting around that. Noise emissions have a huge impact on how we perceive products. Do you develop or produce parts or end products and does this sound familiar to you? Then it is worthwhile investigating the possibilities of acoustic product improvement. Merford has an in-house team of acoustics experts and a wide range of acoustic materials.

Do you want to make a device or machine quieter? Merford is here to help.

Every solution starts with listening. We listen to you – you tell us about all your needs and requirements and the level of acoustic performance you want to achieve. Our technical specialists then set to work finding a solution, using the many resources we have here at Merford – such as our advanced software, measuring instruments and acoustic test room. This is how we work together to find the best solution for your situation. The process for acoustic product improvement depends on the exact nature of the problem. Has the product already been developed and manufactured? Or are you still in the design phase? These are all determining factors.

The solutions

We have a large and extensive range of acoustic materials for all kinds of applications. By implementing them correctly and, in many cases, combining them, we find the perfect solution for your noise problem. For example, we can use absorption material to prevent acoustic reflection in an enclosed area. We use insulation material to improve the sound-proofing of the enclosure, reducing noise pollution in the immediate vicinity, and we use vibration-insulation material to isolate the source of the noise from its environment, thereby preventing vibrations. Anti-drumming materials are used to dampen resonance on sheet parts made of steel, aluminium or plastic. We have many of our products in stock and we can also supply customised products. We can also make life easier for your logistics department by arranging just-in-time deliveries or taking care of stock management.