Solutions for noise control


Our solutions for noise control and acoustic improvement.

Wherever you are - at home, at work, in public spaces - bothersome noise must not be allowed to determine the atmosphere. Do you want to manage sound somewhere? We will be happy to help you and we can do all the work for you, from design to realisation.

Our solutions

Simulation and modelling

Quickly develop and optimise design ideas

We can build finite element simulations of your acoustic problems to help gain a deeper insight into it. This can be a particularly useful tool for problems where further experimental testing could be difficult or time consuming. This technique also plays a key role in our acoustic product improvement process as it allows us to quickly develop and optimise design ideas before committing to physical prototypes.

Acoustic product improvement

Noise reduction solutions integrated

We can work with you to develop a bespoke noise reduction solution that can be integrated into your product. To do this we can leverage our SonoTEC® metamaterial technology and also have access to a wide range of specialist acoustic materials through our partners at Merford Acoustic Materials.

Noise surveys and mapping

Investigate your noise issues

We can perform on-site noise surveys to investigate your noise issues. We can then use this data to help build a 3D noise map using specialist software, which can be used to gain a better understanding of your requirements and to help to explore potential solutions.

Leading the way, supported by the theory

Anyone who makes acoustic solutions must be able to justify them from practice and theory. At Merford, we know that better than anyone. Our technical teams therefore have a lot of know-how in the field of noise control. We also use them to lead the way in our field and set standards. The British start-up Sonobex has been part of the Merford family since 2017. This spin-out from Loughborough University in England is a scientific pioneer in acoustic solutions. Read more on our innovation page.

A solution for every noise problem, by looking further.

At Merford, we have a wide range of standard products for total acoustic solutions. Our experienced team of engineers, project managers and consultants knows exactly how these resources can be used. Combine this with a wide range of analysis methods, such as our measuring room and acoustic camera, and you can be sure that your noise problem will be solved in the best possible way. Are the resources that we have immediately available not sufficient? Then we know which roads we should take, without unnecessarily burdening you with it. Sometimes we are ahead of the questions, due to extensive attention to R&D. Every day we work on new, innovative products and methods that can be used to tackle noise problems even better.

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