Merford realizes sound solutions and security doors with various properties for the energy sector.

Gas, oil and electricity have to be brought to our homes, offices and factories from land, sea or wind farms. The extraction and distribution of gas and oil is a noisy process noise and involves numerous safety risks. This also applies to the generation, distribution and storage of electricity. Merford provides measures that limit the noise and risks inherent in these sectors.

It goes without saying that noise and safety risks should be kept to a minimum

Electricity flows silently into our homes. The transformers, turbines (including steam turbines) and compressors used for electricity generation and distribution are incredibly noisy. This noise can make life miserable for employees and local residents. For these machines we have developed standard or customised solutions to reduce unwanted noise and guarantee safety.

The solutions

We supply sound-insulating enclosures and other turnkey solutions such as walls and dampers to control the noise of transformers, turbines and compressors. We also make sure that these enclosures and solutions are safe and accessible for users – we supply burglar-proof, fire-resistant and sound-insulating doors and grills for transformer enclosures and switch rooms. If a standard solution doesn’t quite hit the mark, we can customise it to suit your specific requirements.