Sound insulation

Elevate the sound insulation of your building to a higher level.

Sound insulation is indispensable when it comes to controlling noise in buildings. Noise pollution from neighbours, passing trains or a nearby nightclub can drive residents crazy. Keeping out noise can also improve health and performance in less serious situations, too. Merford is here to help you get the most out of your building.

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Increase relaxation and focus with smart sound insulation solutions for buildings and rooms

With good insulation, you can ensure that loud or bothersome noise doesn’t reach rooms where they create a nuisance. If your neighbours throw a party every weekend, or if you live above a noisy office, good sound insulation can help you keep the nuisance to a minimum. Merford has a wide range of products and total solutions to improve sound insulation in your office, home or factory – from retention systems and vibration-damping materials to piping insulation and sound-insulating doors. So that you can create a safe and pleasant environment.

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