Safe technical rooms

Guarantee good ventilation and safety with transformer doors and cladding units from Merford

Looking for a transformer door and vent for a switch room, transformer set-up or another application? Merford offers the right solution to protect your set-up and make sure it functions as intended.

Why do you need a transformer and/or facade ?

Our transformer doors and vents are suitable for various switch rooms, transformer set-ups and other applications. Our solutions are also based on the requirements of the grid operator. Safety provisions are self-evident and always leading in the design process of our solution. All standard procedures during development, realization, installation and delivery are standardized and in accordance with the applicable safety requirements.

Properties of our transformer door and/or vent

Our frames and transformer doors are manufactured from electrolytically galvanised steel sheets. The profiles are extruded from aluminium or manufactured by Jansen en Forster. We can fit ventilation, side and top grills on the door leaves and facade. Our solutions are based on your requirements and those of the grid operator. We work with you to find the right solution for your situation. Will it be enough to just replace the door? Or would it be better to replace an entire facade? We will give you reliable and workable advice.

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