About Merford

Specialist in noise control, acoustics and special doors since 1956.

Everyone is entitled to a healthy, safe and comfortable environment in which to live, work and live. Noise should not get in the way of anyone in such an environment. Merford removes unwanted noise and makes the desired sound stand out even more beautifully.

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Our companies

Our companies operate under the Merford flag and often work together. They each have their own expertise and know where to find each other when a project requires it.

  • Merford Noise Control B.V.

    Merford Noise Control helps you to control industrial and infrasound. We analyze your problem with measurements and develop a solution. When designing this, we naturally take the requirements of the law and your own into account. Merford Noise Control develops, produces and assembles turn-key sound-control solutions.
  • Merford Special Doors B.V.

    Doors come in an infinite number of variants. And at Merford Special Doors we realize the variant that is the best solution for you. Security doors, utility doors, industrial doors, gas and airtight, fire-resistant and burglar-resistant doors. We make them in-house, from design to installation. And if you wish, we perform periodic maintenance. Then your door remains safe and complies with all the rules.
  • Merford Acoustic Materials B.V.

    Merford Acoustic Materials helps you find acoustic solutions with noise-reducing materials. Made to measure and delivered to you just-in-time. For OEM manufacturers or for use in construction. Is your acoustic challenge less complex? Then you can visit Akoestiekwinkel.nl , the Merford Acoustic Materials webshop.
  • Merford Plaatbewerking B.V.

    Merford Plaatbewerking produces the metal sheet for the other Merford companies. In addition, Merford Plate Processing supplies directly to external customers. The editing options are endless, as are the finishing options.
  • Merford UK

    Sonobex is a pioneer in the field of noise reduction based on knowledge of acoustic metamaterials. The company pays specific attention to low-frequency noise issues.

Our people

  • Managing director

    Robbert-Jan ter Horst

  • HR-manager

    Femke van Herwijnen

  • Director corporate development

    Joost Vertooren

  • Business development manager

    Sven Evers

"Delivering quality is only possible if we thoroughly understand the customer's questions. It all starts with listening."

Robbert-Jan ter Horst