Production and distribution

Noise control solutions for production environments and logistics processes

Appropriate working conditions are key to being able to work healthily and safely. The Control of Noise at Work Regulation 2005 by the HSE states that employees must be able to do their work without sustaining physical injury or incurring mental health problems. Noise is one of the main factors – and it shouldn’t be underestimated. At Merford, we offer unique solutions to create a safe and quiet working environment.

Create a safe and healthy working environment for your employees

Work activities and business processes can generate noise pollution, both on the shop floor and in the surrounding area. This can be detrimental to the health and safety of your employees. Various sources both inside or outside the building can become a nuisance due to direct sound radiation. Alongside this, resonance and reflections in a room can sometimes lead to a poor acoustic environment. Thanks to our solutions for noise control, we can help you remedy the situation.

The solutions

When a production process or logistics operation causes noise pollution, we need to identify the source of the problem. To do this, we carry out a thorough analysis so that we can assess both the problem and the solution. Next, we walk you through all the available options. Will dealing with the resonance in the room suffice? Or would it be better to really tackle the source of the noise? Do you need a sound-insulating door, a grill or a shielding wall to achieve the desired effect? Or would it be better to install a complete sound-insulating enclosure or control cabin? Whatever the solution, we always make sure that the acoustic facilities are fitted as efficiently as possible – ensuring minimal disruption to your business processes.