Residential buildings

Increase home comfort with acoustic solutions from Merford

Noises in the home can be very annoying. Whether noise from a device or installation in the home, from the neighbours or from another source outside – all of these things affect quality of life. Too much noise can also be bad for your health. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you improve the acoustic comfort in both existing homes and new builds.

Achieve optimal living comfort with modern sound solutions and facade systems

The Buildings Decree sets out the requirements for noise in dwellings. New homes meet these requirements, sometimes a higher level of comfort is required. Many existing homes do not yet meet the modern standard and need to be improved. For example, a device or installation in the home might be making too much noise, there might be too much impact noise or residents might be able to hear the neighbours talking from the other side of the wall. Or there might be too much traffic noise. Here at Merford, we have a range of simple and effective solutions to tackle noise problems in the home. We can also help you if you are looking for a supplier of facade systems.

The solutions

We are experts in creating aesthetic façades with large glass surfaces. Jansen en Forster’s steel profile façade systems are extremely strong and can be stylishly combined with grills or louvres. We also offer a wide range of solutions for sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration damping and silent ventilation. We use Akoestikon’s mass-spring system to improve the sound insulation of various building components and structures, as well as sound-absorbent sheeting materials to reduce resonance in corridors, stairwells and homes. To reduce impact noise and noise from pipes, we use vibration-damping materials. You can find a detailed overview of solutions and applications on, our easy-to-use online store. Would you prefer to talk to a member of our team? Are you looking for several solutions or a combination of products? Feel free to get in touch.