Increase working comfort in your office with acoustic solutions from Merford

The use of many hard materials in an interior can lead to poor office acoustics. Noises from devices, technical installations or adjacent rooms can also be an issue. We can help you find the right sound solution!

Optimal sound control helps employees stay healthy and productive

Noises or resonance in an office can be annoying for the people who work there. Optimal acoustics contribute to the health and productivity of employees. Merford offers a wide range of materials to improve the acoustic environment. With good insulation, you can ensure that loud or bothersome noise doesn’t reach rooms where they create a nuisance. Sound-absorbent materials absorb sound, which prevents resonance and improves acoustics in the room.

The solutions

We start by assessing your particular situation, after which we walk you through the various materials that can help you achieve the desired result. For example, we have sound-insulating noise-shield systems for walls and ceilings for improved sound-proofing between rooms. We use vibration-damping material as an underlay for floating floors and to reduce impact noise from devices and technical installations. Our sound-absorbent products such as ceiling islands, baffles and wall panels help to reduce resonance. For more information about our solutions, visit our Products page. If you have any questions or want to discuss your aesthetic requirements or a customised solution, please get in touch. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the right solution.