Sound absorption

Improve the acoustics in a room with sound-absorbent elements and panels.

Reverberation in a room causes poor acoustics, makes speech more difficult to understand and creates bothersome noise. Voices blend together, meaning people are unable to concentrate. Or the noises in a restaurant are so loud that guests can’t hear what others are saying. We resolve these issues with sound absorption.

Improve the acoustic environment in a room with absorption materials

Trying to follow a lecture in a noisy lecture hall can be quite difficult. Wouldn’t that dinner party have been a lot more enjoyable if you could have heard what the other people were saying? Acoustics have a huge impact on how a room is experienced. You can use sound absorption solutions, such as sheets, panels and elements, to take your room acoustics to the next level and improve the quality of that lecture or dining experience. Thanks to our wide range of absorption materials, in all kinds of shapes and sizes and with a variety of properties, we have an acoustic solution for every room.

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