Acoustic grilles

Improve the working and living environment with our acoustic grills.

Increasingly higher demands are made on the quality of the living and working environment, partly as a result of population growth and increasing urbanization. Merford’s acoustic ventilation grills ensure both optimum noise reduction and natural ventilation.

Why do you need an acoustic grill?

Industrial complexes use equipment that often requires ventilation and sound-proofing. Buildings for housing, work, education and recreation are also increasingly being built in inner-city areas – where busy roads, railway lines and public transport cause a lot of noise pollution. The Dutch Noise Abatement Act (Wet Geluidshinder) and municipal regulations stipulate that dwellings in noise-sensitive areas must have at least one sound-insulating facade. Merford’s AKR grills are the ideal solution for ensuring both sufficient ventilation and sound-insulation at the same time.

Properties of the grills

Even small grills can make a big difference – just think of a flat next to a busy motorway. Here at Merford, you’re also in good hands if you need complete grill facades. Our grills are ideal for situations that require high levels of sound-insulation, low levels of air resistance and have a limited installation depth. The design of the grills is abstract and discreet, which means they can be integrated in any architecture. There are five standard versions, with insulation values ranging from 11 to 21 dB, and there is a wide range of finishes available. The grills can be equipped with a rain barrier, a bird-repellent screen and a mounting flange. You can also have the whole grill coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

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