Louvres and silencers


Reduce industrial noise pollution with louvres and silencers

Most machines and appliances need ventilation, an air supply and discharge or an exhaust. These include engines, turbines, aggregates and cooling installations. In these cases, the noise therefore finds a way out somehow. Merford has different solutions for these situations. With an acoustic louvre or silencer, noise emissions can be significantly reduced, creating a better environment for employees, local residents and passers-by.

Grills with high degrees of sound insulation and low levels of air resistance

Acoustic grills can be combined with acoustic screens or casing. Our grills are ideal for situations that require high degrees of sound insulation, low levels of air resistance and have a limited installation depth. The design of the grills is abstract and discreet, which means they can be integrated in any architecture. There are five standard versions, with insulation values ranging from 11 to 21 dB, and there is a wide range of finishes available. The grills can be equipped with a rain barrier, a bird-repellent screen and a mounting flange. You can have them coated in an RAL colour of your choice.

A silencer for heavy industrial processes

Motors, turbines, blowers and vacuum pumps produce a great deal of noise, which finds its way out via duct systems. Splitter attenuators, flue and exhaust silencers, vent silencers and compressed air silencers offer a solution. These silencers are installed at the inlet and outlet of duct systems, which helps to reduce noise to acceptable levels. When designing our silencers, we always take into account the air volume flow and back pressure. It goes without saying that the silencer must not affect the industrial process. We can offer a wide range of customised solutions when it comes to insulation, absorption, shape, size and finish. Do you need more than just the silencer, for example a comprehensive system including ventilators, valves, filters, grills and roof caps? We can take care of that for you, too.

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