Minimal installation noise at Wildhoef care facility in Bloemendaal

Wildhoef nursing home in Bloemendaal was largely demolished two years ago to make room for a new, more modern building. Wildhoef is part of Pro Senectute, which operates nine residential and care facilities in the provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht, Noord-Holland, and Zuid-Holland. During the construction phase, new apartments were created in the four-storey southern wing, where elderly residents with minimal care needs can live independently. Strict noise restrictions apply in this wooded area, which is just a stone's throw from the famous sand dunes of Bloemendaal. Merford, in close collaboration with Klaver Klimaattechniek and the end user, took several precautions to ensure that the noise did not exceed the permissible levels.

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Nursing home and serviced apartments

Spacious apartments with forest views, a restaurant around the corner, and on-site assistance: with these features, it's no surprise that there is such a long waiting list for the apartments in Wildstaete –the wing designed for independent living. Wildstaete has 49 serviced apartments ranging in size from 74 square metresto 110 square metres. The other wing, which is three storeys, houses the Wildhoef nursing home, which is reserved for elderly residents with dementia who need more intensive care. The entrance hall has a restaurant and gives residents and visitors access to both wings.


Silencers and screens

The gas-free building uses thermal storage to maintain a pleasant indoor climate in all seasons. Part of the ventilation system was installed on the building’s flat roof. Merford was tasked with preventing the noise of the climate system from exceeding the critical threshold. On behalf of Klaver Klimaattechniek and Bot Bouw, we assessed the situation and drew up an acoustics plan. Considerable sound-reduction results were achieved using silencers and screens. ‘Merford took charge of the project from the start as a full-fledged construction partner,’ explains Martin Korf, project leader at Klaver Klimaattechniek. ‘The activities were carried out according to the report drawn up by the acoustics advisor. Merford measured the noise levels, which told us we were within the permitted levels.’


'Merford took charge of the project from the start as a full-fledged construction partner.'


Rounded corners

The screens had to obscure the installations from the ground level, but they also have a sound-insulating effect. When designing the screens, the Merford Noise Control engineering team kept acoustics in mind and considered the look of the screens as an important factor. The position of the panels called for a thoughtful aesthetic approach in which the building and the walls reflected the same visual language. In close consultation with the building’s architect, several changes were made to our SKS screen.For example, the panels were given a layer of black paint, a carefully considered design decision that complements the colours of the building. There are also no hard angles. In keeping with the architecture of the building, the composite panels create a rounded corner. ‘The client, the contractor, and Klaver were satisfied with the look of the end result,’ says Korf. ‘In general, we thought Merford’s approach was both pragmatic and professional.’