Noise surveys and mapping

We can perform on-site noise surveys to investigate your noise issues. We can then use this data to help build a 3D noise map using specialist software, which can be used to gain a better understanding of your requirements and to help to explore potential solutions.

Noise survey

We are capable of performing noise surveys both general environmental as well as on industrial sites in compliance with current standards.

Our advanced sound pressure and sound intensity measurement methods give us the ability to pinpoint problematic noise contributors to further prepare noise mitigation strategies in order to effectively cope with noise pollution.

Noise mapping environmental noise modelling

With help of specialist engineering simulation software SoundPLAN® we can create detailed environmental noise models to help calculate and visualise outdoor noise levels. The capability to integrate with Google Maps® and include layout from satellite photos with elevation lines makes it possible to obtain realistic noise models that account for terrain changes.

Acoustic consultancy

Based on noise measurements obtained from a site visit, we can help you with determination of occupational noise exposure according to BS EN ISO 9612 or provide you with noise assessment report according to BS EN ISO 4142:2014 standard to check the level of impact from industrial or commercial sound on residential areas.

Our noise mapping tools allow us to model industrial sites with great detail thus predict noise levels inside and outside of factory buildings.

As a part of an overall noise mitigation strategy the capability of noise modelling, in conjunction with a noise survey, is an invaluable way of assessing Our proposed solutions and their impact on its surroundings and environment.