Gorredijk, Netherlands

A noise barrier that blends beautifully into its surroundings

Childrens Centre De Treffer in Gorredijk was opened in autumn of 2022. The childrens centre contains a public primary school, day-care centre and an after-school childcare centre. The building was designed according to the principles of active learning and natural fitness. Activity becomes part of a lesson and children do not sit still for more than twenty minutes. While a lot of buildings have a neutral light grey or anthracite colour, this building catches the eye because of its bronze colour.

  • Kindcentrum De Treffer
  • Education and healthcare
  • 2022

Soundproof screen on the roof

The air handling units and heat pumps are placed on the roof. Calculations made in advance showed that noise mitigation was recommended. As a result, an acoustic screen was included during construction. The two-and-a-half-metre-high SKW screen is made up of horizontally mounted panels that block noise. On the source side, the rockwool-filled panels are fitted with perforated sheets so that the noise is also absorbed. The screen is wind- and water-resistant. 

The soundproof screen stands out because of its aesthetic appearance

The architect did not want a standard colour, as the screen had to flow with the building's blended brick walls. In addition, the durable, UV-resistant powder coating ensures that screen discolouration is prevented in full sunlight. 

Merford is happy to contribute to creating a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment. The children at De Treffer Childrens Centre enjoy playing and learning at a new sustainable location.