Escape route solutions

Safety and security in precarious situations with Merford’s tunnel and emergency-exit doors

Do you need a fire-resistant emergency-exit door, for example for use in tunnels? With Merford’s tunnel and emergency-exit doors you can rest assured that you comply with safety standards.

Why do you need a tunnel or emergency-exit door?

Our emergency-exit doors, available as sliding or hinged doors, are easy to operate and provide a high level of fire safety. This means they are ideal for use as emergency-exit and access doors in buildings such as multi-storey car parks and business premises and even in road tunnels.

Properties of a tunnel or emergency-exit door

Merford tunnel doors can withstand high temperatures and have a high level of fire resistance. The amount of force required to open the doors is low, which means they are suitable for emergency situations. Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) sets high standards when it comes to tunnel doors – standards which our tunnel doors meet. MHC tunnel doors are fitted with a double-walled door leaf manufactured from an electrolytically galvanised steel sheet. The doors are fitted with internal insulation and fire-resistant material. They are supplied with a 4-mm-thick frame and are available as hinged or sliding doors.

4 reasons to choose one of Merford’s escape route solutions:

  • Dimensions

    All doors produced by Merford are customer-specific; the dimensions can be adjusted within the available limits to match the structural configuration.

  • Assembly

    Merford has SCC** certified installation teams to safeguard the optimal operation of our doors. All tools and aids are inspected regularly in accordance with safety requirements.

  • Fire-resistance

    The doors have been tested using the RWS time/temperature curve (the curve used by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) in various configurations.

  • Quality

    Merford adheres to the quality criteria of the Association of Metal Windows and the Facade Sector (VMRG) in its production processes. Every product-specific property is demonstrated on the basis of a valid certificate.

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