Leidsche Rijn Utrecht

Tunnel doors in A2 land tunnel

After a delay of one and a half year, on July 2 2012, the A2 landtunnel at Leidsche Rijn in the Netherlands was opened. The reason of the delay can be found in the fact that the management of the safety systems in its entirety had to be designed and built. As many as 53 different safety systems had to correspond with each other. Therefore it took more time to finish the project than was planned.

  • Infrastructure, Road

The landtunnel has a length of 1.6 kilometers with a flight door every 100 meters. In total, the tunnel consists of four tubes. The two tubes in the middle each contain three lanes in one direction and provide for the continuous traffic to Amsterdam or 's-Hertogenbosch. The two outer tubes provide the traffic on the so-called parallel lanes.

In between the four tubes are two middle tunneltubes located with escape doors on both sides. In a tunnel, a fire can arise when, for example, a tanking truck is burning. Because of this fire the temperatures will possibly increase extremely, and therefore the requirements for an escape door are pretty severe. Merford Special Doors delivered and installed 64 sliding doors type MHC. These doors are fire-resistant for two hours, so people can escape of the fire and emergency services can still reach the victims.