Sustainability is anchored in Merford's DNA.


Every day we make the spaces where people work, live or relax into better places: more pleasant, healthier and safer. This pursuit is deeply rooted in our company and our employees. We are constantly aware of the positive and negative effects of our activities on nature, our people and society.

Solar energy


There are 1,700 solar panels on the roof of our production hall. These provide most of the power requirements for the office and production. And our electric cars also run on our own solar power.

Sustainable options

We strive to be able to offer sustainable options in every product category; a product that can be easily reused and is also recycled or sustainably sourced. It is also possible to temporarily provide acoustic solutions (and then take them back for reuse).

Vital employees

Sustainable business operations also concern our employees. We attach great importance to safety and good working conditions. We want our employees to stay healthy and vital and we are taking various initiatives to help them with this. There are anti-smoking programs and a bicycle plan. And the Merford Challenge: the more employees exercise, the more money will be donated to charities at the end of the year.