Vision and mission

Sounds right for everyone.

Sound can be beautiful. But it can also drive you crazy. We take sound - in whatever form - very seriously. We remove unwanted noise and let the desired sound come into its own even better. With smart solutions that have proven themselves.



We believe that people should set high standards for their working and living environment. After all, we live and work closer together. That is why Merford develops and realizes innovative solutions. Because sound should not get in the way of anyone. Merford: sounds right for everyone!


A living and working environment that is safer, healthier and comfortable. By reducing any form of noise nuisance and making the desired sound a true experience. To achieve this, Merford offers the most innovative, high-quality and sustainable total solutions in the field of noise control, doors and facades.

Creativity, innovation, sustainable business operations and fully integrated production are the basis of the realization of our mission. In everything we do, we are guided by our core values; Merford is innovative, customer-oriented, enterprising, responsible and transparent.

Visit our showroom!

In our showroom in Gorinchem you will discover which products and techniques we can use to improve an acoustic situation. And you will see the possibilities for improving safety in a building with doors and facade systems.