NoiseTrap® Panel

Acoustic panel to attenuate low-frequency noise sources

Thanks to the design of NoiseTrap Panel, it can guarantee significant reductions in airborne noise generated by low-frequency noise sources. The modular system can be configured to form an acoustic screen or enclosure and can be fitted with integrated ventilation. We will work closely with you to find the right solution. Want more information? Contact our experts! 

No acoustic infill

Conventional solutions typically contain absorptive materials inside to achieve decent levels of noise reduction, but limited low-frequency performance. Infill materials typically degrade due to contamination and ingress of water, reducing its acoustic performance over its lifetime.

A NoiseTrap® panel is a completely galvanized steel construction that consists of coupled resonator elements that attenuate airborne noise; as such a NoiseTrap® panel has no acoustic infill or lining materials to provide acoustic performance.

An infill free NoiseTrap® panel, therefore, has a very high through-life performance compared to traditional solutions with little or no degradation of acoustic performance over time.

NoiseTrap® panels can be used where there is to be no risk of fibre migration or contamination such as food production plants and hospital environments. The complete absence of infill also facilitates ease of cleaning and drainage, making  NoiseTrap® panels well-suited for chemical plants, refineries, and facilities handling hazardous materials.

Passive ventilation

Due to the uniqueness of the technology, panels can be designed with passive ventilation in mind in order to dissipate heat, renew ambient air and to evacuate gas leaks.

Sonobex has engineered a range of attenuating NoiseTrap®< panels that allow air to pass through the apertures whilst reducing the noise transmission to the environment.

NoiseTrap® panels can be incorporated into a fully ventilated acoustic enclosure, in some cases removing the need for forced ventilation.

Freestanding barriers benefit from reduced wind loads; lowering foundation and installation costs.

Sonobex undertake computational fluid dynamics and conjugate heat transfer to optimise acoustic performance with airflow requirements.


NoiseTrap® panels can be used to construct simple acoustic shields to large acoustically isolated industrial buildings and is structurally designed for internal and external loading; the integrated steel frame systems carries the static and dynamic loads.

The integrated structural steel framing system enables a modular panel-to-panel construction to be utilised for smaller enclosure systems (up to a height of 6.5m).

Larger enclosures can be as easily realised by incorporating NoiseTrap® panels into a steel framework offering increased rigidity for specific applications.

Pioneering technology for low-frequency noise sources with NoiseTrap Panel

NoiseTrap Panel’s patented technology is based on acoustic metamaterials, where shape is the all-important factor. In traditional solutions, this is largely determined by the material properties. NoiseTrap Panel is therefore significantly better at reducing noise than conventional techniques. NoiseTrap Panel consists of a series of interconnected resonators that are calibrated to the target level of attenuation at low frequencies. The lightweight panel system is self-supporting and designed for structural internal and external loads. Thanks to the steel construction, it is possible to construct acoustic screens and sound-insulated industrial buildings. 

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