Soundproof enclosures and cabins

Noise nuisance from machines can make life miserable for employees and local residents. At Merford, we address these problems head on.

Sometimes the best approach is to place an enclosure or cabin around the source of the noise, so that employees can do their jobs without running health risks. Local residents can walk their dogs in peace.

Insulate the source of industrial noise with casing, without compromising process efficiency

In industrial environments, noise from machines and appliances can easily exceed the statutory limits. This not only represents a serious risk to the health and safety of the production workers but can also cause noise nuisance for local residents. In many cases, acoustic casing and enclosures provide an effective solution to control noise emissions from appliances and machines. These reduce nuisance from noisy machines and installations, without affecting efficiency or the result.

Protect operators from noise with sound-insulating cabins

The safety of employees always takes priority. If business processes or business operations make it impossible to enclose the source of the noise, the solution is a sound insulating cabin. With a sound insulating operating room, you create a safe working environment for your employees, fitted with all the required functions and conveniences that go with the industrial process and the operator’s work.

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