Acoustic optimisation for the Vleutensespoorbrug in Utrecht

During the renovation of the Vleutensespoorbrug in Utrecht, the bridge’s acoustics were improved. By installing sound-absorbing panels, the sound nuisance of trains crossing the bridge has been lowered substantially. Neighbours will now not be bothered by the passing trains anymore.

  • BAM
  • Infrastructure, Rail
  • 2018


When you catch a train from Utrecht to Gouda, you will soon pass the Douwe Egberts factory and cross the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. In doing so, your train is crossing the Vleutensespoorbrug which has been in service for more than half a century. The bridge was built in 1968, but a newer version was constructed right next to it in 2017. From April of 2018 onwards, the newer version took over the job of guiding all train traffic over the channel as ProRail conducted necessary maintenance on the old arched bridge. The most important works included the heightening of the bridge for passing maritime traffic and it needed to become more quiet.

Sound-absorbing panels

And this is why main contractor BAM contacted Merford Noise Control. Sound-absorbing panels that will restrict the number of sound reflections of trains going by have been placed both on top of and below the tracks deck, which mainly consists of steel walkways.

In addition, another supplier has installed silencing mats onto the construction below the tracks deck. Rubber mats have been placed in between the bridge and the train tracks. All these measures combined have ensured the noise of passing trains to be reduced by 4dB.