Haeghe Groep The Hague

Sawing sound at Haeghe Groep addressed

Companies from The Hague that want to outsource labor can contact Den Haag Werkt. The organization helps people with a distance to the labor market to find a job, at the companies themselves or at a location of Den Haag Werkt. Den Haag Werkt’s building at the Kerketuinenweg is used for production activities. Aluminum profiles for solar systems are sawn in this location's warehouse, which is a noisy job. Merford provided Den Haag Werkt with a suitable solution.

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Good employment practices are a priority to Den Haag Werkt. In result, the organization decided in 2019 to start looking for a solution to tackle the bothersome saw noise. In order to realize the desired sound insulation, Merford recommended a box-in-box solution. The setup consists of two 'shells' that insulate nearly all noise. Merford placed an SKS enclosure around the saw. The outer shell consists of MSK panels, which are placed against the existing wall of the hall. Both the inner and the outer layer were fitted with a double door that automatically opens and closes.


Zsigmond Makay, cluster manager Technics at Den Haag Werkt and driving force of the project, is excited about the entire process: ‘The collaboration with Merford was exquisite. We received reliable advice, they were ready for us at any time and promises were always kept. Meetings with account manager Jorn Verheij and project manager Paul Tros were intensive, but constructive and positive. They managed to bring skillful people together at the right times.’

New hall

Rigorous measures were required to achieve the desired noise reduction. ‘We actually built a new hall within the warehouse,’ says Makay. ‘Frankly, we've never seen anything like this before here. The curiosity of colleagues and employees about the result was therefore enormous. Now that the solution is here, everyone is satisfied with the adjustments. It is stirring to see how work of such a professional level can be performed within a social workplace. The process is profitable and now works optimally, so I am truly very proud.'