Pulse Amsterdam

Fresh air and peace and quiet next to metro station

Over the past two years, two towers have been erected in the area immediately adjacent to Amsterdam’s Noord metro station, the northern terminus of the North-South line (Noord/Zuidlijn) that opened in 2018. The towers are part of one single building called ‘Pulse’. 219 rental apartments in the upper floors of the towers have been fitted with AKR grills to provide natural ventilation. AKR grills are sound-insulating, which means that noise from metro trains and road traffic from the nearby A10 motorway is almost inaudible inside the apartments.

  • De Nijs
  • Construction, Residential buildings

Pulse One and Two

Pulse will house accommodation, shops, restaurants, and offices. While the commercial activities are located in the building’s lower levels, tenants in the residential accommodation on the top floors are treated to the most spectacular vistas of Amsterdam. In December 2020, the first residents moved into the 70 apartments in Pulse One, the lower tower. Pulse Two, its big brother, and its 149 apartments will be completed in the spring of 2021.

AKR grills

Commissioned by the contractor De Nijs, Merford supplied 150 AKR grills to provide natural ventilation in the rental apartments, as well as grill façades for the building’s technical room. These grills ensure a quiet, comfortable living space at a location that is subject to a huge amount of noise pollution. The AKR grills in Pulse Two are incorporated into acoustic screens installed in front of the façades. Each of the apartments in Pulse One benefits from a private loggia fitted with a grill, providing fresh air while minimizing the noise of passing metro trains and road traffic. The aesthetic loggias also give the façades of Pulse One an eye-catching, unique look.