Den Haag

Amare, Den Haag’s latest cultural addition, opens its sound-proof doors

Amare, Den Haag’s new cultural venue located at the Spuiplein, has opened its doors to the local community at the start of the cultural season. The new venue is located in the place where the Dr Anton Philipszaal and the Lucent Dance Theatre once were. The new building houses various cultural organisations such as the Dutch Dance Theatre and the Royal Conservatory. For Amare’s many rehearsal studios and music rooms, Merford supplied close to 300 sound-proof and fire-resistant doors.

  • Cadanz
  • Leisure and sport
  • 2021

A home for everyone

In addition to the Dutch Dance Theatre and the Royal Conservatory, the Residentie Orchestra is now also housed by Amare. The former Zuiderstand theatre has currently been transformed into the Amare Foundation. The cultural organisations mentioned above now all make great use of the Concert hall, the Dance theatre, the Conservatory room and the Amare studio. The Concert hall and Dance theatre are used for a variety of shows throughout the year. Another part of the building is open day and night as it is intended to be a cultural home or creative space for everyone who needs one. This is where art, creativity and performance have a stage every day of the year.

Sound-proof and fire-resistant doors

Construction consortium Cadanz (consisting of Boele & van Eesteren and Visser & Smit Bouw) was the responsible party for Amare’s construction which was commenced in 2017. Cadanz asked Merford to supply and install 296 steel doors. The door were either fire-resistant or sound-proof, or a combination of both. These doors offer a grand access to Amare’s many creative areas and music rooms.


Cadanz: It was a logistical puzzle at times, but thanks to good contact with Olav and Ilvy of Merford the whole process went very well.



Cadanz’ work planner and Merford went through an intensive preparation and realisation period together. ‘During the preparation phase, which lasted roughly from August to November 2020, I was in great contact with Olav Cristiaan, Merford’s project leader. During those months we have been able to get a lot of work done. During the last phase, the installation phase, Ilvy Ploegemakers, Merford Special Doors’ Realisation Manager, was added to the team as well. She was a great partner to throw ideas around with and really helped solve the logistical side of things ’, Cadanz’ work planner explains.


As of November 2020, Merford did 22 partial deliveries spread out over five months. Cadanz’ work planner continues: ‘Every batch included a maximum of twenty door leafs and frames. During the last phase, all the doors were equipped with their hinges and locks. Even though we were facing a logistical and practical puzzle from time to time, Olav and Ilvy, and of course all the mechanics on-site, have made sure the entire process went extremely smoothly.’