New general manager for Merford

On 4 March 2019, Robbert-Jan Ter Horst will start as the new general manager of Merford. He succeeds Adrienne Vertooren, who has been the second generation to run the family business from Gorinchem for the past seven years. With Ter Horst, Merford gains a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of production and family businesses.

After twelve years at Merford, of which seven years as general manager, Adrienne Vertooren has decided to take a different path. By choosing for Robbert-Jan Ter Horst, Merford has a managing director who does not come from the family for the first time. ‘That will take some time getting used to for us as a family, but we went through a careful selection process and found a very experienced successor with Robbert-Jan who fits Merford well,' says retired CEO Adrienne Vertooren. Vertooren is clear about the reason for her departure: 'the great responsibility and the difficulty I have in putting it down in my spare time have led to my decision. In addition, I have led the company into the next growth phase, where it is a good thing that another person with other areas of expertise will take over. As co-owner and commissioner, I will remain involved in the company'.

Positive contribution to the world

Robbert-Jan Ter Horst, previously employed as managing director at Schoeller Allibert Benelux, enthusiastically takes over from Adrienne Vertooren. ‘I've spoken with a lot of people at Merford recently and what strikes me is the enormous passion with which they work,' says Ter Horst. ‘What further appeals to me is that Merford’s solutions make a positive contribution to the world; technological and innovative solutions that contribute to the health and safety of people'. Ter Horst continues: ‘as an engineer, I have a great interest in technology. Technology plays an important role at Merford and I think it's great to use it to further develop Merford's future'. As an experienced person with ultimate responsibility within family businesses, Ter Horst knows what he has to do: 'There is a clear long-term vision and it is up to me to build on what has been put in place, achieve further growth and continue to innovate. In doing so, it is important to continue to cherish the values of the company and the family'. What he is going to do first? ‘I'm going to meet the employees and customers and immerse myself in the company: participating in development, production and assembly. In addition, I will study the markets and the technologies used within Merford and Sonobex'. Adrienne Vertooren has faith in it: ‘I'm proud of the people and the company and wish Robbert-Jan all the best'.