Merford wins the Golden Decibel Awards 2022

The NoiseTrap® Blox acoustic solution is rated best by the judges for its effective attenuation in the lower frequencies, easy handling and reusability. During the National Noise Day on June 7, 2022, the jury, consisting of: Netherlands Noise Foundation (NSG), the Netherlands Acoustic Society (NAG) and the VVM (network of environmental professionals), presented the Golden Decibel Awards 2022 to our colleague Sven Evers, Business Development Manager at Merford.

Economic and social importance

Low-frequency noise (LFN) is an ever increasing problem worldwide and its negative effects on both the environment and people’s health are underestimated. Due to the steady growth of industry, technology and traffic, both the distribution and the volume and continuity of low buzzing or humming tones are increasing. This leads to annoyance for a growing group of people, often with serious consequences for physical and mental health and social functioning. With the NoiseTrap® Blox, Merford has developed a product that, especially in the low-frequency noise spectrum, achieves considerably higher attenuation values than conventional louvres and attenuators with a small mounting depth.

NoiseTrap® Blox - modular ventilation solution

NoiseTrap® Blox is specifically designed for a wide range of applications. The elements are suitable for situations where significant natural ventilation is desirable and where the installation space is limited. For example, in noise reducing enclosures, industrial facades and shielding walls around cooling and heating installations. Read all the properties of the NoiseTrap® Blox in the product sheet.

Jury report

The jury report talks about an innovative solution where a noticeable effect is expected for residents of apartment buildings and possibly also important in the application of heat pumps. The jury also stated that it sees good opportunities for improving the sound climate and that the social importance in the context of energy transition is considered great. All of this led to a nomination and, ultimately, a win in the category 'Award for a company, product and/or service'. The jury reports: (...) ultimately, the NoiseTrap® Blox was judged to be a solution to something larger. Bigger in terms of the scope of the current problem, including the low-frequency aspect, but also towards the future where, among other things, heat pumps will be an increasing source.'