Merford Acoustic Materials certified for FSC® and PEFC™

Merford Acoustic Materials has been FSC® and PEFC™ certified since January, contributing to the protection and conservation of forests for current and future generations.

Responsible forest management is essential now and in the future. It’s for a reason that forests are called the lungs of the earth. By choosing (wood) products from responsibly managed forests, large-scale destruction of forests is stopped. By certification of forests and the trade chain, the origin of timber and timber products from responsibly managed forests is demonstrated. Worldwide there are two internationally recognized systems for certification of responsible forest management and the trade chain, namely FSC® and PEFC™.

With the certificates Merford is part of the so-called 'Chain of Custody', which makes it possible to say with certainty that wood products originate from sustainably managed forests, with equal attention to economic, ecological and social aspects. Because a certification process involves a lot, the guidance of engineering agency Evan Buytendijk BV from Apeldoorn was chosen. Among other things, the procedures were mapped out, the manual written and the employees involved instructed.

Merford Acoustic Materials has both certifications PEFC™ (certificate number SKH-PEFC-COC-5042-EK and licence number PEFC™ 30-32-909) and FSC® (certificate number SKH-COC-000054-IG and licence number FSC® C092624).