Metagro acquires Merford Cabins

The two largest companies specialising in building cabins in the Netherlands have decided to join forces. The Dubbeldam Group, which owns Metagro, will acquire all of the shares in Merford Cabins B.V. at the beginning of July. This creates a powerful, internationally operating cabin producer with a large diversity of production techniques, an innovative product line and an extensive base of know-how. Ample time will be allocated to the integration of the two companies. Metagro, as well as Merford Cabins will continue to operate in their current form in the near future.

Ultimate combination

Both companies specialise in the same product, cabins, but operate in entirely different markets, each with its own specific expertise. Merford Cabins primarily serves container ports, while Metagro is a major player in building cabins in series for vehicles and for small to medium-sized onshore and offshore cranes. Metagro’s owner Raymond Dubbeldam: ‘Both business activities perfectly complement each other. That is what makes the acquisition so special. It fits into our growth strategy, which is focused on serving our customers even better and on entering new markets. Combining all expertise enables us to innovate with greater focus and to produce even smarter. This will primarily benefit our customers, but our business as well of course. Furthermore, customer-orientation is of primary importance to both organisations, and both operate on the basis of a genuine hands-on mentality. In other words, a perfect combination.’ Adrienne Vertooren, Merford’s shareholder, also is delighted with the acquisition. ‘This is a classic example of real synergy, creating a powerful company that can provide its customers and business relations more value than the entities separately.’


Both organisations at one time originated from the same coach builder: De Jong from Groot‑Ammers in the Netherlands. Following the acquisition of De Jong, Merford Cabins specialised in producing operator cabins and remote control solutions, particularly for the global port market. Metagro focuses on building specific vehicles, vessels and implements. Containers and casings were also added to the product portfolio. Metagro possesses advanced automated welding and spraying lines, including a KTL facility, and is fully outfitted for the production of large, as well as small cabin series.


Merford Cabins will physically merge with Metagro within two years, following the expansion of Metagro’s current production facility in Schelluinen in the Netherlands. ‘We are an attractive employer for the region, as a well as far beyond it,’ says Dubbeldam. ‘We like to invest in our people and offer them an innovative working environment. This means that we receive sufficient job applications from technical candidates in particular, but we are always looking for new talent.’

Accessible through existing channels

For the moment, nothing changes for the business relations and employees of both companies. Both Metagro and Merford Cabins will continue to be accessible through existing channels, and for the time being all business operations will continue as before. In the meantime, a great deal of effort will be devoted to the integration of both companies behind the scenes. 

About Dubbeldam Group

The Dubbeldam Group is a progressive group of companies operating in the damage repair sector and in the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1966 by Chris Dubbeldam, it has been operating under the leadership of his son Raymond Dubbeldam since 1998. To continue to be successful, the group maintains a continuous focus on innovation, quality and creativity. By anticipating opportunities and developments within and outside the area of expertise, the group is able to realise long-term growth and returns. The group employs 260 staff.

About Merford

Merford consists of a group of companies that operate in the manufacturing industry in the area of noise control, special doors and metal working. The company, which employs 150 staff, is owned by the Vertooren family and established in Gorinchem. On the basis of research and continuous product development, Merford provides high-quality (noise control) solutions to its customers throughout the world.