Effective acoustic research in the hemi-anechoic chamber of Ghent University

During the first months of 2016 Merford Noise Control realized a hemi-anechoic room for Ghent University, Belgium. Chambers like these get used for acoustic research where reverberations must be avoided. The room for Ghent University features a cut-off frequency of 63 Hz. Merford took care of the full solution, from engineering to installation.

  • Universiteit van Gent

Efficient absorption research

In cooperation with Ghent University, Merford endeavoured the best system and material for the solution. Both the walls and ceiling are covered with Flamex figures, wedge shaped. Thanks to these items, the most effective range of measurements can be reached. Depending on the nature of the research, the floor can be covered with plates fitted with the absorbing material. The chamber has double doors. The inside door is a rollaway and is covered with the absorbent material as well.