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            Security doors

            High-security doors

            High-security doors produced by Merford offer exceptionally high protection against bullets, explosions and burglary. Whereas other doors only provide protection against a single one of these hazards, Merford’s doors provide protection against multiple hazards at the same time. As a further option, fire-resistant and soundproof versions of these doors can also be produced. 


            Kogelwerend Bullet-resistant up to Class FB7 NS in accordance with EN 1522/EN 1523
              Explosie Explosion-resistant up to Class EXR 4 in accordance with EN 13123-2
            Anti Inbraak Burglar-resistant up to Class RC 6 in accordance with EN 1627

            The doors are supplied complete with frame and are also tested as a complete set (door and frame).

            Veiligheidsdeur binnenzijde2
            Veiligheidsdeur binnenzijde3

            Doors tailored to your particular situation
            Our high-security doors offer invisible protection against hazards and can be personalised in various ways. We offer custom-made solutions in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to the functionalities listed below, the doors can also be made fire-resistant, soundproof or as an emergency escape.

            The security doors can be made with the highest possible bullet-resistance class (FB7) in accordance with EN 1522/EN 1523. This means that these doors can withstand virtually all firearms (including guns and automatic weapons, such as Kalashnikovs) and ammunition (up to 7.62 x 51 AP calibre).

            The security doors can be delivered with one of the highest explosion-resistance classes (EXR 4) in accordance with EN 13123-2. This means that the door is able to withstand explosives with a 16-bar force. This corresponds to 12 kg of TNT at a distance of 4 metres.

            The doors meet the highest burglar-resistance class (RC 6) in accordance with EN 1627. This means that the door is able to withstand burglary tools used by professionals.

            Merford’s security doors are user friendly and available in various versions, combinations and classes. Contact us for the available options and custom advice for your particular situation.

            Application of Security Doors
            Merford’s security doors are suitable for situations requiring high security measures to protect individuals, as well as installations and property. Examples include:

            • Data Centres
            • Banks
            • Museums
            • Petrochemical/chemical industry
            • Laboratories and test rooms
            • Embassies and consulates
            • Courts
            • Government buildings
            • Shooting ranges
            • Residential applications (VIP)
            • Safe rooms / panic rooms

            Looking for more than a secure door? Our partners can help you with your overall security needs! 
            A door often is one of the components of the overall security measures implemented against the threat of bullets, explosions and burglary. Other components of an area or building, such as windows, façades and walls, must also be able to withstand these hazards. Merford works together with parties that can look after the overall required security measures, including doors, for you. Please refer to our dealer page for this purpose.