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            Operator Rooms

            Working safely and responsibly with sound-insulating operator rooms

            Personnel safety always is first and foremost. The safety in industrial processes, which in principle always entail risks, requires special attention. Noise pollution and other harmful environmental factors must not be allowed to affect the health and safety of employees. In situations where business processes or operations make it impossible to house the source, a sound-insulating operator room protects personnel against such negative factors. This way you create a safe and pleasant work environment for your personnel.

            Operatorkamer 2
            Operatorkamer Icm Testcel EBI Racing

            Custom-made personnel cabin
            The many custom-work options in terms of insulation, absorption, form, dimension and finish enable Merford to offer a good solution to virtually any noise problem, for existing as well as new development environments. A personnel cabin can optionally be constructed using individual panels that can be installed as self-bearing. This results in an operator room that can be fully disassembled and that can furthermore be equipped with a broad range of components, such as hatches, doors and windows.

            Experienced partner
            Merford has 35 years of experience with the application of sound-insulating solutions in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly. Merford always provides you with a ready-for-use solution. We provide noise control guarantees so that you can be sure that the operator room meets your specified requirements.

            View the key features and possibilities of application of our operator rooms below. Download the technical product sheets from the banner on the right for additional information.


              Applications   Features
            • Machine rooms
            • Production halls
            • Test laboratories
            • Workplaces
            • Warehouses
            • Distribution centres
            • Sound insulation Rw up to 50 dB
            • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
            • Flexible design using modular system
            • Indoor and outdoor applications
            • Demountable
              Options   Finishes
            • Doors, windows, hatches and covers
            • Self-bearing system
            • Removable roof and/or wall and/or panel
            • Ventilation and air conditioning systems with and without filters
            • Lighting
            • ATEX implementation
            • Crane gantry system
            • Fire safety system
            • Comprehensive installation service
            • Sendzimir galvanised
            • Stainless steel
            • Aluminium
            • Coating in RAL colours
            • Vinylwrap with different prints (incl. wood finish)

            Relevant cases

            • EBI racing
              Test cells for EBI Racing Cologne (DE)

              Kremer Racing is a German racing team for historical and classic cars which defines itself as a “Motorclinic”. The company calls itself this way because of their main activities in the rebuilding, tuning, caring and selling of these cars with a major purpose in the air cooled Porsche models. To make these activities as much of a silent success as possible, Kremer Racing asked Merford Noise Control to build an amount of two specially made test cells.