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            Remote Control Station

            Operator Room: Remote Control Desk

            Merford has been supplying operator cabins for container cranes for many years. At the present time, the first container cranes are already being equipped with remote control functions. With Merford's remote control solutions, we keep delivering value to the operators whether they sit in a cabin or in a remote control room.

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            Remote Control Station
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            RCS Heights
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            In remote control of cranes, it's all about interaction and concentration. At many container terminals, the loading and unloading of ships takes place 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For a Remote Control Station this isn't a problem at all. Layout and ergonomics must have a decent quality level, to make sure the desk is sustainable and user-friendly, even when used extensively. Merford paid a fair amount of attention to these aspects.

            Ergonomics and aesthetics
            Merford's Remote Control Station enables the operator to work in both a sitting and standing position. The height of the tabletop can be adjusted easily with a push on the button. The shape of the tabletop and the location of the arm cushions enable operators of many sizes to work behind the desk without issues. The combination of a well-thought layout, the selected materials and colors result in an aesthetic appearance of the desk. In addition, the selection of colors is easy to the eyes. In result, finding the right focus in the job is much easier for the operator.


            • Crane operation from the office.
            • Excellent ergonomics and progressive layout.
            • Easy to adjust the tabletop electronically to the desired position.