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            Filter Unit

            Filter Unit

            Vessels that berth in container terminals without shore power use their own generators to generate electricity. These generators often run on heavy fuel oil, as a result of which the exhaust gases are environmentally polluting and unhealthy. When a crane is loading or unloading containers close to a vessel’s chimney, the operator cabin regularly comes close to these harmful exhaust gases. Other sectors too are faced with machines that emit substances that are harmful to the environment. The crane operator often works for long hours in such environments and must be protected from these harmful substances to the maximum extent possible. Merford’s Filter Unit can filter harmful substances from the air and thus create a healthy work environment for the crane operator.

            The Merford Filter Unit filters the air from outside on both carbon and chemicals
            Controlling the Filter Unit is simple and can easily be done from inside the operator cabin
            The filters of the Filter Unit can be replaced easily

            A pleasant work climate
            Merford supplies a filter and overpressure unit, which, combined with a properly sealed cabin, provides the operator with clean air, and at the same time protects him/her from the penetration of harmful substances into the cabin. The unit creates a controlled flow of clean air, which is required to provide the operator with oxygen. In addition, it is also important to remove the contamination produced by the operator him/herself. The filter package is specifically designed to neutralise harmful substances contained in diesel exhaust gases. Overpressure is generated within the cabin, which prevents harmful substances from entering through small cracks.

            Intelligent overpressure
            It is necessary to supply sufficient fresh air for one operator and one trainer, which is also sufficient to guarantee the required overpressure. By contrast, the quantity of air needs to be constrained in order to prevent energy loss from the heating or cooling and to extend the service life of the filter elements to the maximum possible.