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            Steel & Aluminium

            Steel & Aluminium

            Crane operators control and operate a wide range of processes in the steel & aluminium industry. Each process imposes specific demands on the cabin and the operator’s seat. In addition, there are various (environmental) factors, such as radiation, heat, dust, visibility, sitting posture and long shifts that affect the operator’s performance and health. Merford has the right resources needed to counteract these and other factors in an efficient way and to create a pleasant work environment for the operator.

            The optimal work environment
            Merford Cabins has many years of experience in relation to the specific conditions prevailing within steel and aluminium industries. This experience, combined with our knowledge of glass, climate control, dust filtration/fresh air, ergonomics and visibility, results in an optimal work environment for the operator. Since every process is unique, the design of a cabin starts off with an analysis of the tasks the crane has to perform. This analysis has to produce an optimal (sitting) position for the operator. This involves a review of alternatives that prevent the operator from sitting in an unhealthy posture. The next step is to identify the operator’s routine operations. The objective of this step is to obtain an ergonomic layout of the controls and communication components. Here, too, the operator’s posture needs to be taken into account.

            Harmful environmental factors
            One of our most important tasks is to ensure that the cabin fits the crane operator like a glove. For example, the operator must be protected from weather influences (heat, cold and incoming light), explosion, radiation, dust, gases, noise, vibrations, motion and pollution. Such conditions require special attention during the design of the work environment. Merford has many years of experience in developing cabins that are suitable for these rough conditions. In this respect, we make use of specific knowledge concerning ergonomics, air conditioning, filtering, clean air, glass and noise. In addition, Merford uses 3D software for the purpose of analysing lines of sight. This enables us to look at the surroundings from the perspective of the operator and to design just the right layout for the operator cabin. All these aspects are key to the process of developing the best possible cabin for any industry.


            • Steel & Aluminium - custom-made
              Steel & Aluminium - custom-made
              • Fully customizable cabin
              • Safety and efficiency
              • Opt. expansion with components
            • Ergoseat H
              Ergoseat H
              • Hanging unit
              • Optimal field of view
              • Ergonomic sitting position
            • Ergoseat S
              Ergoseat S
              • Ergonomic sitting position
              • Looking downwards healthily
              • Universal applicable
            • Heavy Duty Seat
              Heavy Duty Seat
              • Stable and shock proof
              • Adaptable seat and consoles
              • Adjustable air suspension
            • Ecocab
              • Spatial by innovative design
              • Good vision round the cabin
              • Opt. delivered with Ergoseat S
            • Cinderella
              • Combustion instead of flushing
              • Safe and durable
              • Power supply: 220-230 V

            Relevant cases

            • Nucor Memphis
              Customized steelmill operator cabin for Nucor Memphis (US)
              Nucor Bar Mill is a steel production company located in Memphis that distinguishes itself by processing carbon and alloy steels into guardrails, rebar, wires and similar steel products. Each year 9 million…
            • Uddeholm Hagfors
              Custom-made operator cabin for Uddeholm Hagfors (SE)
              In collaboration with our local agent G.O. Bromsteknik AB, Merford recently designed and supplied a cabin to Uddeholm AB in Sweden. Uddeholm is a manufacturer of high-quality steel that is used to…