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            Merford sponsors energy efficient car Delft student team in Shell Eco-marathon

            06-13-2016 by Merford
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            During the Shell Eco-marathon Europe, this July held in London, student teams from more than 30 countries compete to see who can travel furthest with their energy efficient cars on 1 litre of fuel. Merford is sponsoring the Eco-Runner team from the Delft University of Technology that won with a hydrogen-fuelled car last year. Update: This year the team had to deal with a number of setbacks during the race, including a flat tire. The team nevertheless finished in a creditable third place.

            The Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s most challenging student competitions in the field of innovation, engineering and sustainability. The annually held competition stimulates debate about finding sustainable solutions to the global energy issue. Last year, in Rotterdam, the Dutch team from the Delft University of Technology won in the prototype class with its Ecorunner V. The car drove 1,227.5 kilometres on a cubic metre of hydrogen. That is 140 times more efficient than the current generation of hydrogen-fuelled cars.
            Innovation, engineering and sustainability are also key themes for Merford, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary. This is why Merford is associating itself as a sponsor with the Eco-Runner Team Delft, which includes the son of one of our employees.

            As last year’s titleholder, the Delft Team will have to defend its name and this year will also enter a hydrogen-fuelled car with the highest possible efficiency. The objective for the newly developed Ecorunner VI is to cover a distance of no less than 5,000 km using the energy equivalent of 1 litre of petrol. The development and production time is just one year. During the design process, a great deal of research is conducted into ways of optimising the car. For example, the team will assess the car’s aerodynamic shape and the most efficient way of steering the car during the competition. The Ecorunner VI made its first test races in May 2016 and is now being prepared for the Eco-marathon at the end of June.
            For actual news and more information about team Eco-runner visit

            About the Shell Eco-marathon
            The Shell Eco-marathon’s history goes far back and at one time had its beginnings in a competition among Shell employees with the objective of travelling the furthest on the same quantity of fuel. The event has since grown into an annually recurring sustainability competition for student teams with editions in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The objective is to build the most efficient car possible. There are various categories based on the type of fuel (conventional or alternative) and design (efficient or practical). The cars drive a fixed number of laps at a pre-determined speed. The 2016 European edition will take place in London. With 18 teams, ranging from secondary school level to university level, the Netherlands is well represented.

            For more information about the Shell Eco-marathon visit or watch this video.