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            Process industry

            Process industry

            Whatever happens: it must be safe, without disturbing the production process and without any environmental pollution. This is ingrained into our way of thinking when it comes to creating solutions for the process industry. Merford contributes in various ways to the safety, continuity and a better living environment within and outside the factory. We provide due consideration to these factors in the design and production, and of course during the installation of our special doors, cabins and noise control solutions.

            Fire-resistance, sound insulation and applicability in an ATEX environment are important issues in the process industry. A 120-minute fireproof door, for example, is a frequent request. Together with your in-house/external architects Merford Special Doors develops the door’s design. We incorporate a combination of tested and certified properties into this design. Functionality and efficiency are top priorities for all of our doors, whether they are custom-made or manufactured in series. This also applies to the installation, which takes as little time as possible.

            Noise control
            A good sound climate forms part of a cleaner and better environment. With its turnkey solutions Merford helps you comply with local and European noise regulations. Sound insulating housings, walls, process air noise dampers and steam blow-off dampers can all be used in the process industry. All products are designed and installed in accordance with applicable safety rules. We also incorporate any additional wishes you may have into the solution, such as fire safety, explosion safety and suitability for an ATEX environment.

            Even before they are loaded onto transport, raw materials, semi-finished goods and end-products travel quite a few metres. In the process industry this is accomplished through means of cranes. Merford supplies optimal crane cabins for the safe and efficient movement of bulk goods and containers. An ergonomically sound posture, excellent lines of sight and intuitive controls enable the crane operator to properly discharge his/her task.

            Additional information
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